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08-Jun-2019 17:55

Once you're both consenting, you may consider some foreplay.

Fingering her will bring you both hours of joy and amusement :) The bitches' "clitoris" is located about 3/4-1" (in large breeds) into the vagina.

The vagina of a female dog takes a sharp turn upward so you will have to enter from a seventy-five to eighty degree angle.

The average body temperature of a dog is 101-102 degrees Fahrenheit so expect her to very hot and moist.

With all teasing done, it's time to start your engines!

Although dogs do not carry AIDS, it has been theorized that the virus could survive long enough inside a bitches' vagina long enough for you to contract it, or anything else, if you have sex with her immediately after an infected person.

Remember also that if she has a yeast or bacterial infection, you could get it too; surgical soap.

I do not suggest attempting sex with a bitch out of season, especially if she is not your dog.

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You may wind up getting bit, which may mean changing your name to John Wayne Bobbitt.

A bitch in heat is your best bet, but just because she's wet and smells nice doesn't mean she's 'in the mood.' How can you tell if she's in the mood? The discharge of a bitch in 'Standing Heat' should be pinkish / creamy white.

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